Links to other Christian Oriented Sites

Introduction: These are some of the other sites where I have found material that has blessed or encouraged me. I do not endorse them or make any claims to their suitability for your needs. That function is left to the Holy Spirit working in you.

Where Nancy and I fellowship in Missoula, MT


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Answers in Genesis

Christian Coalition

Challenge from the American Bible Society

Interesting collection of sites.

Denver Seminary

Mission Support

Excellent Resource!

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Where we attend.

Ika Mission Water Project
Tom & Lois Wheeler

(My sister and her family.)

Insight for living

Jo-Na's Gifts by Mail

Expressing unfailing love through Christian cards


Philip Faustin's Home Page

A friend from the Berean Connection Days

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The Scripture Memory Connection
Dedicated to the support and encouragement of Christians who wish to memorize portions of the Bible.
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Free PHP Scripts from the PHP Junkyard
If you have a site to add, leave me some feedback, I'll check it out.

Last updated: 05/04/2016